Vegan Lettuce Wraps

Here is the simple healthy Vegan Lettuce Wraps recipe

Asian Vegan Lettuce Wraps are easy to make and healthy,  either you can have it as breakfast lunch or dinner that tastes delicious.In this recipe i am going to use green lettuce for making wraps. you can use any type of popular  lettuce like  butter head lettuce, iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce etc. It is a super quick recipe it just hardly takes 10 mins to make. So let’s get started

How to make Vegan Lettuce Wraps recipe
How to make Vegan Lettuce Wraps recipe


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 Cup Tofu

1 onion

1 Snack Pepper

1 Green Lettuce

1 tablespoon salt

1 cup Sweet corn

8 Cherry Tomato

 1 tablespoon  Vegan Mayo

 1 Flax Micro greens

Recipe Procedure.

Step 1. Heat olive oil in a Pan over Medium high heat .

Step 2.  Add sliced Tofu shallow fry until it turns slightly  brown, about 2 minutes, 

Step 3. Cut all the veggies, keep  it side, wash  the green lettuce thoroughly and dry it.

Step 4. Double up the 2 pieces of lettuce  depending on how thick your lettuce is. Fill the green lettuce with a cherry tomato, snack pepper, Onions, Tofu , microgreens  and drizzle with Vegan Mayo generously.

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