Health Benefits

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

what How it benefits happens if we consume garlic daily.

Garlic is one of the oldest spices used all over the world as seasoning,  and in some parts of the world it is used as medicine. Garlic native from Central Asia and northeastern Iran. Most of Garlic Cultivation happens in China. It is produced in all parts of the world.

Good for Cardiovascular health

Consumption of garlic on hypertension  may reduce the blood pressure, and there is no long term effect on cardiovascular illness.  Because daily intake of garlic may reduce platelet aggregation as per medical surveys.

Improves Digestion

Having raw garlic daily benefits intestines and it may reduce inflammation .In the gut it wipeouts the bad bacteria and protects the good bacteria.

 Treats Common cold

Garlic is treated as medicine for the common cold and cough. You can even give it to kids to treat cold and cough, just simply crush the garlic cloves you can see the juices coming out from garlic, just take 2 drops of feed to your kids that’s it.They can feel freeness in nose and relief in throat.  And you can also have it as a tea with combination honey and lime.

Immunity Booster

Garlic is one of the superfoods, which protects against free radicals and prevents damage in the DNA. The dietary minerals in garlic like Iron, Calcium, and Zinc boosts immunity. Garlic contain Vitamin C and B6 which is good for your body.

Good for Skin & Hair Health

Garlic used as medicine for your skin, just simply the juice of garlic. It treats rashes, acne, cold sores and blisters. Best thing to do is include garlic in daily diet meals. It may have anti-aging qualities. And also it protects your hair from falling. Just apply the raw garlic juice to your scalp and wash after 1 hour. 

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