How to make Dry Fruits Balls?

Here you go simple yummy healthy nutritious of dry fruit balls recipe

Dry fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fibre and vitamins. They are the best immunity boosters. Daily consumption of dry fruits helps in decreasing cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.  They are best for pre workout and post work out snacks. Mainly it is an easy evening snack for kids. Dry fruits are tasty, healthy and delicious too. 

What are waiting for here you go simple yummy healthy recipe of dry fruit balls

Dry Fruits Balls Recipe


1. Almonds

2. Cashew

3. Pistachio

4. Pumpkin seeds

5. Sunflower seeds

6. Dates

7. Dry figs

8. Walnuts

9. Ghee

10. Cardamom

Recipe Procedure

Step1. First chop all the nuts, then take a pan add ½ tablespoon vegan ghee add chopped nuts dry roast until slightly brown and keep it side for cool down.

Step 2. Then add dates into pan add some water cook until it became soft

Step 3. Add all nuts and Cardamom powder mix it well

Step 4. Then transfer into bowl let it cool for 2 mins

Step 6. Apply ghee to your palms make it as small balls

Step 7 . Finally yummy protein bars are ready to serve. You can store it in refrigerator up-to 15 days

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