Healthy Vegan Black Chickpea Salad Recipe

Here is one of the best easy healthy fresh salad loaded with lot of proteins, vitamins and fiber

Black Chickpeas are high in fiber and protein. Including your diet helps you to stay full for a longer  time. It may help  you in controlling appetite. So what are you waiting for include this in your weekly meal plan. 

Preparation Time. 10 min

Healthy Vegan Black Chickpea Salad


1. Black Chickpeas

2. Nuts(Almonds cashews)

3. Green Peas

4. Cherry tomato 

5. Lettuce

6. Flax micro greens

7. Sweetcorn

8. Babycorn

9. Sauces(mustard sauce, vegan mayo)

10. Purple cabbage

11. Red bell pepper

12. Yellow bell pepper

13. Plantain

14. Lime

15. Salt

Recipe Procedure

Step 1. Soak black chickpeas overnight .

Step 2. Cut all the veggies keep it a side and then take a pan grease it  with olive oil shallow fry   the  plantains.

Step 3. Take a mixing bowl, add soaked black chickpeas, all veggies, plantains, Lettuce, cashews, almonds, chia micro greens, salt, sauces squeeze lime juice mix everything . 

Step 4. Transfer into a serving bowl

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