Vegan creamy spaghetti

Easy Vegan creamy spaghetti recipe

Craving for Italian cuisine? But thinking of calories, don’t worry I’m here with a best healthy vegan creamy whole-wheat spaghetti  recipe Here you go with a simple Dinner recipe.


1. Brown spaghetti

2. Cashews

3. Chilliflakes

4. Onion

5. Tomato 

6. Garlic

7. Salt 

8. Basil or parsley

9. Jalapeno

Recipe Procedure

All u need to do is

Step1. First boil spaghetti until softly cooked then drain it with cold running water

Step 2. Soak cashews for for 30 mins then make a smooth paste 

Step 3. Steam jalapeño and tomato and blend it to paste

Step 4. Take a pan add 1 tablespoon olive oil then add finely chopped onion and garlic stir fry for 30 sec

Step 5. Add spaghetti fry it for 1 min then add cashew paste and jalapeno paste to spaghetti, add salt according to your taste cook for 3 mins

Step 6. Garnish with basil or parsley  and chilli flakes

Step 7 . Finally yummy creamy vegan spaghetti  is ready

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