How to grow Fenugreek micro greens without soil at home?

Here is very simple process to grow fenugreek microgreens at home without soil

Before knowing first we need know about micro greens

Micro greens are tiny version of leafy greens. Compared to fully grown leafy greens, micro greens are packed with nutrients and also a rich source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants.

How to grown microgreens without soil at home

Here is the simple process to grow micro greens at home

All you need is a holes with tray and another 1 tray without hole, water , cotton cloth, seeds and a cool room (I used my kitchen) for first 6 days

 Then after 6th day i kept it in balcony in shaded sunlight

 Step 1: soak seeds for 12 hrs leave at room temp

Step 2: wash the seeds then wrap it in cloth for 12 hrs

Step 3: sprinkle the seeds in a tray & take another tray which doesn’t have holes and fill it with water.

Step 4: spray water generously till the seeds are moist and cover the water tray with a seed tray. 

Step 5:Place the tray in the coolest area of your room next to a window . Leave it for 4 days .. (you can check on it everyday you ll see it sprout ) . 

Step 6: On the 6th day remove the cover of the tray keep it in shaded sunlight and spray water generously once daily

Step 7. By 8th day your microgreens are ready to harvest

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